Timeless, sophisticated and optimistic. The Pantone Institute knows what’s currently on the agenda when it selects its colour of the year. In 2020, the chosen shade is Classic Blue – an absolute must-have. As a casual linen jacket or an appealing accessory, Classic Blue is an eye catcher for every occasion.

This year, the US-based colour consultancy Pantone has identified a new fashion trend in the world of colour: Classic Blue. Anyone who has taken a stroll shortly after sunset has certainly seen this hue in the evening sky and realized what it is all about: Classic Blue radiates harmony, is soothing and clears the mind. Quite a contrast, in other words, to the turbulent era that commenced with the year 2020. Pantone sees this colour as symbolising a stable basis, security and optimism. And even if the focus is on the classic shade, the new trend references the full palette of blue colours. As Pantone well understands: blue adheres to its very own philosophy.

Classic Blue also has a lot to offer in terms of fashion. A traditionally elegant colour, blue acts a little like black: timeless, readily combinable and something no wardrobe should be without. The colour of the year scores with its stylish elegance and ability to upgrade every look. Anyone wanting more balance can combine this trendy hue with warm, earthy tones. Creating a modern mix, moreover, by adding linen or corduroy lends “mono-tone” outfits a touch of the avantgarde. A light blue shirt with light chinos or a soft shade of grey is always fashionable, but is especially so this year.

Today’s man wears blue, that’s certain. Naturally, we’ve seen to it that the key pieces in his wardrobe are all at his disposal:

Eduard Dressler