Made in Italy, ED 1929 cashmere denim is soft and luxurious to the touch. That’s because it’s 6% cashmere, which means anyone wearing these trim-cut jeans with a relaxed silhouette enjoys a sensation of unbelievable comfort.

ED 1929

Self-assured, sophisticated and, above all, tailored for style, ED 1929 denim is a well-groomed alternative to chino. Available in three washings – Rinse Wash, Medium Wash and Dark Used – and made in Italy.


In terms of their silhouette, trousers become a bit more relaxed in winter – and are often styled with two pleats. That makes them even more casually comfortable. Fabrics with wintertime structures in earthy tones give these chinos a rustic look.


A special finishing process lends these cotton chinos the unmistakeable feel of cashmere. Although robust for winter, the fabric is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. Details like the rear flap pockets underscore the sporty style of these utility-inspired trousers.


Corduroy trousers are the true wintertime companion. Natural-stretch Big Wales corduroy made of 100% cotton offers incredible comfort, not to mention a well-groomed, casualised look. 



Eduard Dressler