Blouson beige Amaretta
The new casual elegance

Casual, light looks are the new way to dress – easy going and yet well groomed. This is a style that Marvin Pelzl, who studied online media management and content creation, particularly appreciates. 

The 25-year-old online-media manager and content creator from Frankfurt shares his aesthetic on his Instagram channel @marvinsheckler. He focuses on a clear & minimalistic visual language that runs through his creative work. His inspiration: his love of arthouse film and photography, which he combines with the influences of fashion. Besides the topics he shares on Instagram, Marvin is, among other things, a big jazz enthusiast: “The lightness and truthfulness of improvisation is what makes jazz so special. It’s not only music, but also an attitude towards life” says Marvin. 

With EDUARD DRESSLER, he not only shares a passion for jazz but also a sense of aesthetics and values – coupled with a certain lightness. 

It is precisely this new elegance and summery lightness that he has captured in his pictures of our spring/summer 21 collection in and around Frankfurt. 

Eduard Dressler