After the war, the real upturn began. Eduard Dressler invested in expanding the company and adding to the product portfolio. Because of the increasing number of orders, the company’s factory had to be enlarged in 1951. It housed the firm’s administration, shipping department, pressing facilities and assembly and inspection rooms. The company was successfully expanded in stages.

Vocational training was always an area of particular interest for Eduard Dressler. The company therefore created its own workshop to train the next generation of qualified craftsmen. In general, the well-being of the firm’s employees was a priority, and a kitchen and dining room were added to the factory, along with a “cafeteria” offering a different menu every day.

Eduard Dressler walked through the company several times a day, allowing him to provide every employee with advice and assistance. As one of the largest employers in Großostheim and the surrounding area, Eduard Dressler helped drive the region’s economic growth, not least due to his considerable social engagement. He was always passionate about his products. Twice each day he visited the company’s production rooms to inspect the finished suits.

In 1960, during Germany’s economic boom, the company’s production facilities were expanded by adding assembly and cutting departments in Stadtlauringen, a town near Schweinfurt and the border to East Germany. With that, the firm began specialising in customised menswear. The name “DRESSLER” became so well known in the industry that the company started exporting its garments throughout Central Europe.

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Eduard Dressler