Sustainability is not a new trend for EDUARD DRESSLER but a philosophy we have always lived, in keeping with our brand identity. For us, sustainability is an intrinsic part of an all-encompassing, responsible lifestyle. This includes treating people and nature with respect, using resources conscientiously, and applying environmentally friendly, future-ready standards in all phases of production.


As the tangible result of our cultural heritage, our products always meet the highest standards of quality. To keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, we mainly purchase renewable materials which come almost exclusively from suppliers and intermediaries in Europe. This supply chain ensures transport routes are short and C02 emissions are minimal. We verify that these important social and environmental standards are upheld through regular on-site visits. Our suppliers have been awarded multiple certifications, such as AZO, REACH and ÖKO-TEX100.

Sustainability is also our focus when we search for innovative additions to each new collection. We therefore work with weaving mills that also attach great importance to animal welfare and the sustainable use of raw materials.

For decades, we have sourced most of our external fabrics from the province of Biella in Italy, known for its environmentally friendly production methods. One of our longstanding partners from this region, Lanificio Ermenegildo Zegna, is guided by the same values we subscribe to.

When creating fabric, not only are the production methods important, so is the fabric itself. The proportion of natural and near-natural fibres in our collections is virtually 100 per cent. Buttons, zips and other details are subject to demanding environmental standards, and most of our product information is integrated in ways that do not require labels.


Quality and perfect craftsmanship have always been the hallmarks of our exclusive menswear. That is why our employees undergo regular training in the handling of highly sensitive fabrics. We are constantly passing on our knowledge of craftsmanship, which has been part of our DNA since 1929. This process begins with the initial cutting of the cloth and continues until the garment’s final inspection. Our philosophy: machines can assist people, but never replace them.


We do not traverse the world’s oceans to produce our clothing, and we maintain respectful and fair partnerships with our production facilities.

Our highest priority is applying socially responsible and resource-efficient standards, and treating our employees with dignity and respect.

We ensure that the staff at the production firms we partner with have high-quality technology at their disposal and that their fundamental health, environment and safety needs are being met.

Providing balanced meals and on-site day care for their children creates a respectful and healthy working environment, while offering the chance to align personal and professional responsibilities.

We are committed to optimising the topics of quality and responsibility in all our areas of operation and to seeing them as an essential part of our corporate culture going forward. We want to leverage all the resources at our disposal that can help ensure the world’s ecological balance is maintained over time.

Eduard Dressler