A walk in the sunshine or a refreshing Old Fashioned at night: summer means taking a deep breath, relaxing and enjoying life. This year, summer is also a time of longing. People are yearning for the lightness of days gone by. That’s why it’s important to turn lightness back into an everyday event.

For months, everyone has been sitting around injogging outfits, leaving their dress shirts in the closetwhile they work from home. When people make a date with friends, it’s only to chat on the phone – a situation that can get depressing. But summer has now arrived. With these three fashionable tips, we’re returning lightness to its rightful place in everyday life.

Feel-good colours

In summer, the sky is blue, plants turn green and flowers appear in rainbow-like hues. Why would anyone want to wear a plain black outfit? This summer in particular, life needs an extra dash of colour. Green, red or a rich yellow – a little positive stimulusis sure to delight the eye. For those who prefer to be less conspicuous, it’s always safe to don a light grey or beige.

Less is more

There’s a cool summer breeze? Or an unexpected shower comes splashing down just before you leave for your first appointment in months? Even if the weather might be amenable, it’s better to leave your heavy leather jacket hanging on its hook. After all, not only does the mind yearn for a bit of lightness, so does the body. That’s why, on windy days, a blouson provides the ultimate feel-good factor. And for anyone donning a suit, lightweight fabrics are the materials of choice. EDUARD DRESSLER has just the thing for this situation. The Lightweight Unconstructed Suit is the newest innovation in the brand’s Connoisseur Piece line. Tailored from feather-light wool, it has no inserts whatsoever. The Lightweight Unconstructed Suit is EDUARD DRESSLER’s lightest suit to date and, at a mere 700 grams, it’s the perfect weight for summer.

It’s time to experiment

Bars and restaurants are starting to reopen, weekend getaways are again possible and many people are no longer working from home. Boring shirts have been the order of the day for far too long. Now is the time for something daring. Why not slip into a striking plaid? Why only wear your favourite tailoredjacket on those special occasions? After months of monotony, sauntering into town feels a lot better when you leave uniform fashions behind. Experimenting is fun and adds a certain lightness to life – something everyone has longed for in recent months.

Eduard Dressler