Success was not long in coming, and with modesty and a solid business sense he continually expanded production in Großostheim, then the centre of Germany’s garment industry. In 1935, one suit in four was produced in the city of Aschaffenburg or the surrounding region, an area that includes Großostheim. Full of passion and creativity, Eduard Dressler combined classic tailoring step by step with new methods of industrial finishing. Even in those early days, he insisted on developing his own production methods, adapting many traditional techniques to industrial processes. The success he enjoyed was considerable.

His credo: “The machine does not replace craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is achieved together with the machine.” The result was a product of the highest quality, one that stood out among its competitors even then. The innovative production methods allowed him to develop garments which offered a unique fit and unbelievable comfort. That remains the company’s core offering and product philosophy to this day.

As the roster of customers grew, Eduard Dressler presented his collection in 1939 for the first time in Leipzig, at what was then Europe’s most important trade fair for clothing. With that, the cornerstone for the company’s ongoing expansion was laid.

The large number of orders and the processes required by the innovative finishing methods soon made a new production site unavoidable.

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Eduard Dressler