For over 90 years, EDUARD DRESSLER has been known for its strong brand and its unfailing adherence to the values behind that brand. The values of elegance, sophistication and craftsmanship have long been the qualities associated with EDUARD DRESSLER. Thanks to the signet introduced in 2016, they now have a permanent place in the company’s logo.

In keeping with the brand’s traditional values, the design team is constantly developing new ideas to express the masculine excellence which defines EDUARD DRESSLER and which is so appreciated by the world’s connoisseurs – a subtle combination of the known and the novel, of classic style and international zeitgeist.

The collection is increasingly evolving into an “outfit collection” that, in addition to a top-drawer shirt segment, now includes a select, high-quality sportswear collection featuring jackets, chinos, knitwear and belts.

Our meticulous finishing processes, our eye for detail, our intricate tailoring and our insistence on perfect craftsmanship are what set us apart – so our customers can experience the best that menswear has to offer.

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Eduard Dressler