Discovering the idea of comfort

During the last months the office look has changed as never before. Before we never participated in a meeting without a shirt, nowadays we can see our colleagues online in sweatshirts. And it feels good wearing comfortable fabrics. A comfort that we don’t want to miss any longer. But going into the office or in a bar in a jogging outfit?

That’s not how we imagined it. Of course the current fashion is made for those who want to dress well-groomed, but yet casual. Because anyone who wants to show self-confidence should feel comfortable.

Whether turtle neck, pullover, casual t-shirt or a shirt that you normally would not wear in the office: the smart casual look gives rise to new fashion ideas. It doesn’t have to be the elegant leather shoe any longer when feeling more comfortable in sneakers anyway. It must be comfortable without losing the elegance. A sophisticated mixture and high quality is essential.

Even if smart casual offers some opportunities, no go`s haven’t yet disappeared. The appropriate choice of the dress varies depending on the occasion. White socks should always be left in the closet and not just the beige chino combined with a chic jacket is considered “smart casual”.

But no matter which fashion style you choose, the choice of colour should never be too intrusive and the individual pieces of clothing should be carefully coordinated.

Of course a well-groomed suit is a must have in everybody’s wardrobe. The modern gentleman however is offered a big selection of comfort varieties. Tailored jackets and suits made of finest wool with high performance ensure a perfect lightness and high wearing comfort. Qualities made of jersey or with natural stretch give suits a casualised all day look which doesn’t feel as a suit – it’s virtually imperceptible.

For connoisseurs appreciating the comfort EDUARD DRESSLER has developed a suit that meets all requirements. The Free Moving Space Suit withstands every movement and gives its wearer a look that is both smart and comfortable.

Therefore “KEEP MOVING” is also the motto of the current shop area at Engelhorn in Mannheim. Until 31 october2020, fashion connoisseurs have the opportunity to see the unique quality of the newest collection. Convincing looks with sporty and casual elegance.

Eduard Dressler