Be happy – say yellow. Or are you more the strong, charismatic type with a preference for exuberant red?

As an expression of emotion, colours say a lot about character.

COLOUR YOUR SUIT adds a dash of liveliness to your wardrobe, giving you the chance to make your own personal fashion statement.
Choose your cut, fabric and lining and we’ll tailor your individualised suit in just three weeks.


#Step 1

Comfort or Shaped Fit? The Comfort Fit offers you the classic jacket cut with comfortable waist, straight shoulders and traditional chest interlining.

The Shaped Fit is the fashionable cut with a body hugging waist, thin shoulder pads, minimal chest interlinings, and a rounded shoulder.

Visit your retailer to try both fits and choose your preferred style.

#Step 2

Now select the material for your jacket and trousers. Whether for a business event, party or wedding, whether light or dark, solid or patterned – our 40 top-drawer Italian fabrics mean the decision won’t always be easy.


Thanks to 17 linings with signet design, you can create a personalised jacket. From subdued grey to eye-popping pink – there’s something for every taste and personality.

Eduard Dressler