always on the go

For connoisseurs with an eye for details and appreciation of haptics. Made from quilted jersey and boasting a voluminous waffle structure, this jacket is today´s re-interpretation of a travel jacket.

It features a mock inner jacket with wind-stopping functionality. Combined with our lightweight flannel trousers, it is ideal for cosmopolitan men who appreciate flexibility and all-round talents.

Star Trompeter Till Brönner am Fenster stehend im lässigen, blauem EDUARD DRESSLER Jersey Jacket, dunkeloliver Hose mit Bundfalte, grauem T-Shirt und blau gemustertem Schal
Grauer Flechtgürtel von EDUARD DRESSLER
Star-Trompeter Till Brönner gehend im grauen EDUARD DRESSLER Mantel mit Kunst-Fellkragen, schwarzem Anzug mit doppeltem Festerkaro, gestreiftem Hemd und schwarzer Strick-Krawatte
Timeless elegance

Hardly any other garment stands for cultivated, masculine elegance as the short coat is made of high-quality wools.

The indispensable allrounder enhances each outfit. The coat will become your favourite piece thanks to its timeless look and pleasant wearing comfort.

bordeaux-farbene Reversblume
Eduard Dressler

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