Maximum freedom of movement is especially noticeable on the dance floor.
Tuxedos and dinner jackets with a three-dimensional look made of bi-stretch
fabrics strike the perfect balance between comfort and chic.

A new classic for both business and evening wear! This double-breasted suit made of pure virgin wool may seem traditional, but its performance leaves absolutely nothing to be desired…

The sumptuous fabric has a sophisticated sheen, is naturally bi-elastic – and makes
it possible to move freely across any dance floor.

Extreme elasticity in an urbanely mottled three-piece style: this suit made of top-drawer virgin wool with stretch properties is available with a waistcoat and in two designs (plain or striped).

More precious than cashmere: this particularly sumptuous coat made of 100% camel hair offers a feel that is compact, fluffy-soft and pleasantly authentic.

This Giro Inglese in greige has such a sheer weave that it’s almost transparent when not worn. At the same time, the luxurious garment made of pure wool with its mélange look offers an elasticity that is otherwise found only in jerseys.

Pleasing to the eye and the touch: the superfine wool-cashmere blend in a tricolour houndstooth pattern ensures this modern double-breasted coat offers maximum softness and unbelievable comfort.

Eduard Dressler