Always stylish. Always casual. This jacket made of top-drawer Italian wool in a black-and-white glen check is a timeless classic. Combined with jeans and a simple crew-neck pullover, it becomes a casual outfit.


A design with a history that extends back to the 14th century. That’s when the pattern is said to have been created in the Scottish Highlands near Loch Ness. From then on, it was worn in a range of colour combinations by Scotland’s clans so they could easily recognize each other. 


More than ever before, the focus is on comfort. Jackets offer a whole new sensation, breaking with convention and providing unimagined freedom. Finest materials, natural stretch qualities and innovative styles blur the boundaries between jacket and cardigan.


New weaving technology offers new possibilities when it comes to freedom of movement. We tailor natural bi-stretch fabric, made by Italy’s best weaving mills, to the highest standards in keeping with our guiding concept: Tailor Made – Casual Inspired.

This jacket made of bi-stretch jersey allows for absolute freedom of movement in all directions. Combined with our new ED 1929 cashmere denim, it becomes a cherished look that works well in both business and leisure settings. 

“The great thing is not to be this or that, but to be oneself” Søren Kierkegaard


Whether relaxing by the fire or as an everyday look with a natural touch: this casual jacket made of an alpaca wool blend is the perfect companion for the winter season, thanks to the maximum comfort it offers.

Eduard Dressler