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Data protection

General points

This website is operated by and is the responsibility of

 Dressler Bekleidungswerke Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG, Stockstädter Str. 43, 
63762 Großostheim.

 Dressler Bekleidungswerke Brinkmann GmbH & Co. KG, Stockstädter Str. 43, 
63762 Grossostheim („EDUARD DRESSLER “) and the Brinkmann Group associated companies, respect the privacy of all who visit our web pages. We process your data in accordance with the legal regulations, particularly those of the Tele Services Data Protection Act and the German Data Protection Act (BDSG).

This data privacy statement sets out what information EDUARD DRESSLER collects and stores and what uses it is put to. This data privacy statement also informs you how to check the accuracy of the personal information we store in our database concerning you, as well as how to delete it, block it or update it.

Collecting personal data

When you visit our websites no personal data (such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or credit card details) is collected. The only data collected is any that you voluntarily share or any that is automatically collected by cookies (more information about this below).

Some of our websites request visitors to enter personal data such as name, e-mail address or postal address. These include websites that offer to send out circulars and newsletters including in e-mail form, or that run competitions. Your name and postal address are provided voluntarily in these instances.

Using personal data

EDUARD DRESSLER stores your personal data and uses it to contact and communicate with you. This might be to reply to queries you have submitted or to send you information about products, promotional material (including e-mails and SMSs) and other informative material issued by EDUARD DRESSLER or by other Brinkmann Group companies.

Without your express permission, EDUARD DRESSLER does not pass on your personal data to any third parties outside the Brinkmann Group. External service providers that process data on our behalf have strict contractual obligations in line with the German Data Protection Act and cannot therefore be regarded as third parties. Such service providers are particularly forbidden to use your data for purposes other than the originally intended purposes.

For the purposes set out in this data privacy statement, particularly the purpose of conducting e-mail/SMS campaigns and other advertising measures problem-free, your personal data might occasionally be sent to other companies within the Brinkmann Group. In such cases we of course make sure that your personal data is always afforded the same level of protection afforded it by us.

Personal data obtained by us in connection with job applications is used exclusively for recruitment purposes and other internal uses. This data is available to all those responsible for personnel management at EDUARD DRESSLER .

Your rights

You cab determine how EDUARD DRESSLER handles your personal data. At any time, you can withdraw your consent to the use of the personal data stored by us, you can obtain information about it or receive a copy of it, correct or update it or have it blocked or deleted. Please contact the coordinator responsible for this who is listed at the bottom of this statement.

Information that we are able to store on your computer (cookie)

When you visit our website we can store data on your computer. This takes the form of a so-called “cookie” or similar file that helps us in various ways. For instance, cookies help us to compile a website or produce product information more suited to your needs and preferences. Most Internet browsers allow you to block cookies or delete them from your hard disk or they issue a warning before a cookie is installed. Further information concerning these functions is to be found in your browser’s settings.

 EDUARD DRESSLER will only link such automatically stored data with personal data provided by you to our websites (e.g. when subscribing) with your prior permission.

Data security, external links

EDUARD DRESSLER undertakes to protect your personal data and to take appropriate steps to ensure it is not lost, misused or falsified.

EDUARD DRESSLER accepts no liability for the content of other websites able to be accessed via links on its websites. Many of our links are to content that is not stored on our own servers. When links are created, external sites are checked as regards illegality and criminal liability. However, it is not possible to guard against content being changed at a later date. EDUARD DRESSLER is not obliged to constantly monitor that content and therefore accepts no liability for it.


If you would like to contact us concerning your personal data and the subject of data protection, please address your enquiries to our data protection coordinator on +49 6026 5020. E-mail We would be pleased to take whatever steps are necessary to provide satisfaction.

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